DStv Installation Assistant

Do note that all fully installed packages are shipped with the decoder only.  Upon Booking Your Installation, the DSTV Approved Installer assigned to your installation will arrive at your premises with the Satellite Dish, LNB and Cabling which is part of the fulkly installed package.  This is done in this manner to ensure that shipping costs to you is kept at a minimum and that no in-transit damage occurs to the Dish and LNB prior to it being installed.

Should there be any queries, feel free to chat with us on 0116081519.

Please visit https://www.dstv.co.za/get-dstv/installers/ to search for and select an installer for your area.  All installer contact details are listed and all you will need is your decoder serial number as the installation value and cost of dish, lnb and cabling is registered against the serial number for ease of booking and purchase.

You can track your installation from the link below, also noting the impiortant points below.

If you have an installation voucher, please read this important information before you book your installation.

DStv HD Single View Installation Voucher

If you buy a DStv HD single view decoder with installation OR a DStv single view decoder installation voucher the following is included :

  • Total of 25km travel
  • 80cm satellite dish
  • Single (Universal) LNB
  • Up to 25m cable

DStv Explora Installation Voucher

If you buy a DStv Explora with installation OR a Price Lock deal with installation OR a DStv Explora installation voucher OR get a DStv Explora with installation as a trade-in, the following is included :

  • Total of 25km travel
  • 80cm satellite dish
  • DStv Smart LNB
  • Up to 25m cable
  • Connection of the DStv Explora to one TV

Important info

There may be added costs for additional travel, cabling or amplification required – all which are for your account. Please confirm requirements with your installer before the installation. Unless you got a trade-in with two decoders that includes installation, your installation excludes costs for work such as connecting the decoder to more than 1 TV or linking it to other decoders. This information is valid for installation vouchers sold at Searchyourdeal, Price Lock deals, trade-in deals that include installation and decoders sold with installation at retailers, service centre or agencies. Installations can only be done by DStv Accredited Installers. Please contact your local installer to make a booking. If you bought an installation voucher from a retailer, Ellies or Aerial King, please refer to the detail on the printed voucher for information.

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